vtView SMART Collector


Virtium’s SMART Collector software provides:

  • Automated process of collecting SMART data periodically (built-in predefined modes, or manual mode)
  • Arrangement of data in “ready for analyze” format and easy comparison
  • Built-in instruction and collection mode for Endurance (JEDEC 219), Temperature characterization and WA quick check tests
  • Immediate provision of essential SSD information about life remaining and power off data retention based on values of SMART data
  • Full GUI version for Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP  (File size: 16MB)
  • Compact command line version for Windows  (File size: 1MB)
  • Compact command line version for Linux  (File size: 1MB)


OS Compatibility
  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Linux
    • SUSE Enterprise Server 12 – SP4, 64-bit x86, Linux 3.12.28-4-default
    • SUSE Enterprise Server 11 – SP4, 64-bit x86, Linux 2.6
    • SUSE Enterprise Server 11, 32 bit x86
    • CentOS Linux 7 (core), 64 bit x86
    • Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.2, 64-bit x86
    • Red Hat Enterprise Server 5.6, 64-bit x86
    • Linux Mint 32/64-bit x86
    • Ubuntu 32/64-bit x86
    • Debian 32/64 bit x86
    • SUSE desktop, 64-bit
  • StorFly Gen 2 SSD, USB (VTDU3* series)
  • Contact Virtium Application Engineering for other operating system support
SMART Collector Modes

Life Acceleration Mode (Default)

Life acceleration mode is used to estimate TBW and other usage acceleration parameters based on industry-standard test duration recommendations from JEDEC JESD218/219.  Virtium recommends performing this test first to establish a usage baseline.

  • Test duration: 100 hours
  • Snapshot interval: once per day
  • vtLog text file size: 5KB

Manual Setting Mode

Allows the user to change test duration and test interval. Examples:

  • Temperature characterization:
    • Test duration: one day
    • Snapshot frequency: four times per hour
    • vtLog file size: 100KB
  • Understand how application code change affects usage acceleration:
    • Test duration: 2 hours
    • Snapshot frequency: twice per hour
    • vtLog file size: 5KB

Note: Plan on a maximum of 1KB per snapshot. Minimum vtLog file size is 5KB.