Application Testing

Below are a few sample workload tests using vtView

Sequential Workload Test

  1. Run a sequential write test application, or request our test tool.
  2. Collect SMART attributes once every six hours
  3. Execute the test for at least:
    – five full drive writes for capacities 128 GB and below
    – two full drive writes for capacities 256 GB and above

JEDEC 219 Workload Test

  1. Download JEDEC 219 and read.
  2. Download vdbench tool and install.
  3. Collect SMART attributes for every six hours.
  4. Follow JEDEC 219 recommendation for the test duration.
  5. Run vdbench test using command: vdbench -f jedec219_script.txt.
    • Please contact a Virtium FAE for JEDEC 219 test script.
    • In the script, change “physicaldrive1” to correct “physicaldrive#” in your system.