vtView uses real-usage data to provide closest estimates on number of terabytes written (TBW), or how long the SSD can last.

Life Estimate

In the example on the right, the workload generated by an industrial application creates roughly 5.2 gigabytes of data per hour (125 GB/day) with a write application of approximately 1.1. Under those conditions, the 120GB StorFly SSD will reach its rated endurance limit in about seven years, or 312 more terabytes.  If the application generates a more “industrial standard” workload of 25GB/day, the StorFly SSD won’t reach its limit for almost 35 years!

Note:  Virtium recommends to run your StorFly or TuffDrive SSD in your system for a minimum of five days to get a statistically relevant sample size.

Data Retention

The example below illustrates vtView’s data retention estimates.  In this scenario, an industrial customer decides to take the 16GB StorFly SATA SSD out of service.  vtView enables you to print a label that includes a date stamp and an estimate of power-off data retention based on various storage temperatures.  This is ideal for systems that may have a long shelf life from initialization to deployment and may also be beneficial in repair and distribution centers.